Sunday, 31 July 2011

#576 of Year 2 DCUC vs MotUC Aquaman vs Merman

It's the final day of DCUC 2011 month here, and I'm closing it out with a DCUC vs MotUC two-pack.  Aquaman!  Merman!  How epic is that?

The packaging has the usual mash-up of both the DCUC and MotUC elements. The back of the package though shows a rather horrible artwork for Merman.  He's not even shown to be blue, which is the colour of the toy, but is his standard green.  Blegh.

The front of the card has a nice beach seascape, which hides the poster.  Again, the poster could have been done better, and a comic book would have been even better.

I don't have the classics coloured version of the King of Atlantis, and I must say I like him.  The sculpted scales on this body gives him a rather tactile look.  The paint is glossy and thanks to the shiney-ness, he looks pearlised (Heh, how many fake made-up words are there in that sentence?).  He definitely fits in with the big 3... well, I'm missing Wonder Woman though.  He comes with his trident which looks to be a repainted version of his trident in the single figure.

Merman, on the other hand is just a plain repaint.  He's the blue version that first appeared in some of the early minicomics.  I like the fact that his "corn" sword has a painted blue stripe down the middle making it less corny (heh, in both sense of the word).  Otherwise, he's just a repaint of the green Merman, but with painted boots and toes.  I like how they got all the blue on him to match.  He still has the open hand, but doesn't come with his trident (or the second head) which is a pity.  Still he's great for my display and he's going into my Preternia display.

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