Wednesday, 13 July 2011

#558 of Year 2 DCUC Black Lantern Abin Sur

It's day 3... and you should know the drill by now.  Day 3 means Figure 3, and since this is Wave 1 Green Lantern Classics week, DCUC month, well, we have Figure 3 from that wave, who happens to be Abin Sur.  Abin Sur was the predecessor to Hal Jordan Green Lantern.  He died so that Hal might go green or something.  Since he's dead, on earth of all places, he was resurrected by the black rings as a black lantern during one of DC's crazy storyline (aka Blackest Night... or was it Brightest Day?).

Packaging, normal, yadda yadda.  I wonder if anyone is even interested in the card and the bubble except me.  Probably not since these are bin fodder for most people.  When I saw his pose in the bubble I was a bit worried about deformed limbs...

Thankfull, the deformity isn't that bad.  Sure, his left leg is still weirdly deformed, but it's not really obvious.  Abin comes with the groin and head of the Arkillo CnC, but that's a whole other review.  Abin here is just the normal DCUC body with a new head and the fist with the black lantern ring.  Oh and he has the double jointed elbows...  The paintwork is good, the sculpt is plain, but good.

And that's my Black Lantern display.  I wish there were more of these guys (preferably a non-Batman figure), but I think that's all of them.  It's a pity that DC isn't continuing with GL-specific waves.

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