Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bits and Bobs 20110705

Well, I thought I'll put together another Bits and Bobs for stuff that's caught my eye this week alone.  SDCC must be coming upon us soon.

I haven't yet watch Dark of the Moon, but there's a whole bucketload of product on the shelf for the movie.  What I do see are the usual Hasbro offerings which seems boring in comparison with the image above.  That's not a TakaraTomy product, but it is from Japan.  It's a Sci-Fi Revoltech and will be available in September.  It's not something I'd want, but it does look cool.

I know I missed the Botcon Stunticons, and I read with amusement on Mostly Transformers about how some third party will create a kit to allow these to combine.  Well, said third party has surfaced and they've shown an image with bits blacked out.  They are calling themselves the G1Uppers and have even started a blog page for their product.  Thanks to Seibertron for this bit of news.

Sticking to the Transformers theme... Toys R Us has just announced their SDCC exclusives for this year.  Wait, TRU does SDCC exclusives???  These include Rodimus (or Targetmaster Hot Rod) and a nice looking Lion-O, and the item below.

They were beaten to the announcement by MattyCollector who splashed it on Facebook as well.  It's a Bizarro vs Battle Armor Faker two-pack, and it gives us two characters that would probably would not have seen the light of day were it not an exclusive.  Alas, it's probably not available to us "international" fans.

Eurobricks has got the scoop for the first image for the Winter Post Office.  This continues the theme of the Winter Toy Store and the Winter Bakery from the past 2 years.  It looks to be another great winter/seasonal set!  And with that I'm out!

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