Saturday, 23 July 2011

#568 of Year 2 DCUC Naut Kei Loi

It's the start of the weekend, and it's a busy day at SDCC especially for Mattel's DC toys where there are two panels for then property.  Here on Toy a Day though, it's still GL Wave 2 week and I'm not opening Figure 6 despite it being the 6th day, but the duplicate of the fifth figure, who's packed a little differently.

Naut can almost have been a different figure, since he's packed completely differently from Medphyll.  The box packaging is also different, with a title card on the front and picture, bio and stats that specific for Naut instead of Medphyll.

Naut comes with Stel's leg and Medphyll's head, but like most other figures is accessoryless.  He does have a two piece collar and helmet which fell loose when I took him out of the package and I could not snap back into position again... until I figured out that the clear plastic dome could be removed from the collar.  Then it was an easy snap back onto the neck peg.

The head sculpt is boring, but it does have quite a lot of detail and the paint work on it is good.  I do like the collar and the helmet - it gives him a very distinctive look that's different from the rest of the Corps (well the GL Corps anyways).  The body is the exact same as Medphyll's right down to the ring on his fist, which I must say is painted very nicely... for a change.

And yes, my GL Corps display is getting a lot more crowded.  One more figure to go though, but that won't be the figure tomorrow since Figure 6 is actually a Red Lantern.

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