Thursday, 28 July 2011

#572 of Year 2 MotUC Zodak

This is the second Zodak that I'm opening, but the first one on this blog because the first figure that I opened was before the start of this blog.  He's for a project that I'm working on...

I'm surprised that this is the first run Zodak.  I don't think they "reprinted" him in a second run.  Since there wasn't a previous version of him, they used the artwork from some comic or something, which does seem to work.

This repaint comes with a staff that has elements of Zodac's gun in it, but isn't a gun.  It's sculpted so that he can hold the staff in both hands.  This is basically a repainted Zodak with He-Ro's body parts from the waist down.  He looks OK.  The paintwork is good, but the blue paint is supposed to gitd, which it does... not actually.

The use of He-Ro parts means he's not a direct repaint of Zodac, and it does give him some character.  Of course, the extra (and a bit messier) paintwor, on his body and armour detracts a lot more and makes Zodak a lot more complicated than Zodac.

This figure isn't obviously based on the vintage toy.  Not really.  He is based on the millennium figure which is based on the vintage toy and thus is two generations removed from the vintage toy.  I think he's the better version of the character though - his millennium version is bowlegged and preposed and has a limp staff.  I like the cosmic enforcer theme and I like the addition of Zodak to the mythos as his own character, separate from Zodac.

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