Saturday, 2 July 2011

#547 of Year 2 Green Lantern Movie Masters Green Man

It's the start of DCUC month here on Toy a Day and what do I do?  I open a non-DCUC figure!  OK, so it's not even the first day of the month.  Heh.  Anyways, Matty sold this on their site last month (or was it the month before?) and I picked this up along with most of Series 2 of the DCUC Green Lanterns.

It's Green Man.  It's a anthromophic frog (wait, this isn't Bucky O'Hare...) containd in a box that from the front reminds me of the titular green lantern.  The oval window cut out reveals the figure in all its glory and the inner bubble is moulded such that it almost seems organic.  The back of the box has a picture of the toy in a rather boring background with a bio and a blurb.  The layout is good, but otherwise it's blegh.

Since it's a matty purchase, it does come in a white mailer box... and mine has a dent in the top right coner.  I'm a strong supporter for the white mailer boxes!  The top of the box also has a clear window, which I liked.  It allows the figure to be viewed top down.  It doesn't make a difference here since I got this figure online, but if I was picking this up at a store, it'd be great to be able to see the figure from at least two different perspectives.

The seemingly organic plastic tray when viewed from the outside of the box seems downright boring when removed from the box.  I have to say, I'm a bit annoyed with Mattel's box designs where the bottom of the box is wider than the top - this means that the toy can only be opened from the bottom instead of the top.  Urgh.  The cardboard tray behind the plastic tray has the Green Lantern Corps logo with a starburst through the lantern in the centre.

My initial impression of the figure was that it reminds me of Battle Cat from the MotUC line.  Besides both of them being green, they both also have that "layerd" articulation.  That's where the similiarities end though.  Green Man is covered with quite a lot of metallic green paint.  It's shiny and it's a bit odd, but it does work for him.  The head is even painted such that it has the appearance that mould is growing there.  I absolutely love that detail.

The sculpt is choke-a-bric with details, from the neutral expression on hsi face to the ring on his, urm... appendage.  He's got quite a few ball joints including the torso joint.  The head/neck joint though is a rotating joint which means that he can't look left or right, but the entire head can rotate upside down.

The one problem I have with him is that he's top heavy, and although the legs can be positioned to make him stand straight most of the time, he's a pushover.  The design of the suction cups on the soles of his feet instead of a flat surface gives the feet a lot of detail, but doesn't really help him to stand up.

Also I have no idea if he's to scale to DCUC, but I don't really care about that.  The other reason that I got him (the first was that he was available at mattycollector) was that I saw 3B's display of Green Lanterns and I thought I'd like to have that too!


  1. Ahhh- he's cool, I like the paint :)

  2. He's the only movie master that I currently have...


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