Thursday, 28 July 2011

#571 of Year 2 MotUC He-Man

Whoa!  What's He-Man doing here?  Well, the line started before I started this blog.  But since I recently got a new one to reopen for a project, I thought I might as well just put the figure through its paces before I pull it apart.

This is the reissue packaging with the Original starburst.  It's the standard packaging.

The figure is rather familiar - it's the main figure of the line after all.  The paintwork is good, the face sculpt seems a bit weird.  The hair looks like a toupe, but it's a lot more better than the french fries from the millennium line.

He comes with his shield, axe, half the power sword and a full power sword.  In addition to that his head and harness are both removable.

Comparisons?  Well, no prizes for guessing which version of He-Man the Classics version is based on.  I think he has the best hair-piece out of all three figures, but they definitely can improve it more!

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