Saturday, 16 July 2011

#561 of Year 2 DCUC Manhunter

It's the weekend, and since it's Saturday and day 6 of Green Lantern Wave 1 week of 2011's DCUC month, it's time for me to open Figure 6 of the wave, which is Manhunter.  No, not Martian Manhunter.  Just Manhunter, the robots created by the Guardians of Oa before the GLC to patrol the galaxy.

Manhunter comes on the standard card.  Now, I expected them to have the Green Lantern logo on the title card, but it's not to be.  They have a weird logo of the eyes and the helmet which reminds me more of the regular DCUC figures with their eyes just above the title card than the Green Lantern packaging.

Manhunter comes with an old school Green Lantern and Arkillo's torso.  The lantern does have an articulated handle, although it seems flimsy and I was afraid that I would break it forcing it into the figure's hand.  The figure's headsculpt is good, and I do like the neck piece which continues from the head.

The sculpt on the body looks great as well with all sorts of intricate details on the hands and feet.  The use of the metallic paint was a good call as it makes the blue parts stand out, not that he needs that being mostly red and all.  The paintwork is also good, with some of the sculpted details being painted metallic green almost perfectly.

Overall, I'd say this is a great figure.  He's not part of the GLC per se, but does fit in with the Lanterns.  I'm gonna have a hard time to decide if I would like to display him.. and if so, with who...


  1. oh yeah, i love this figure, got one loose on eBay awhile back... saw they had one marked dowm for $11.00 or so at TRU last week ??

  2. $11 is still expensive for this figure. They should reduce it more now that GL is a semi-flop...


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