Friday, 8 July 2011

#553 of Year 2 DCUC John Stewart

Oooh, I almost forgot this... it's day 5 of Wave 11 week, DCUC month, aka July 2011.  So since it's day 5, it's figure 5 of Wave 11 which happens to be John Stewart!  Yay, another GLC figure!

He comes on the standard Wave 11 card, but is posed with his one accessory attached to his hand and another one clearly displayed to his side.

And of course, Kilowog's body part, but that's not really an accessory as part of another figure.  The accessory he's attached with is the huge energy giant fist.  Then there's also a futuristic machine gun.  Both of them attaches to his wrist/fist, and because they are similar, to the fist of most male GLC members as well.  Well, Hal Jordan at the least.  There are quite a lot of exceptions I'm sure.

First off, I have to say I love the head sculpt and the fact taht his fist has a ring sculpted and painted on  The paintwork is actually rather nice too despite it (or maybe because it is) so simple.  He has the old GLC symbol on his chest which isn't a major issue, but it does make me wonder if Mattel has plans to "refresh" him down the line with the new symbol.

He fits well into the line, and brings collectors one more figure into the JLU line-up (I think Martian Manhunter was the last one?  Wait, do we have JLU Hawkgirl yet?).  He also adds to my growing GLC display.  Yay!

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