Thursday, 28 July 2011

#573 of Year 2 MotUC Tekno from Fuerza-T???

Well, this is the third figure for the project I'm working on and it's Trap Jaw.  This isn't the first Trap Jaw that I've opened.  I originally opened him in March of last year and Kronis when he was reissued in August.  There's no need to write more about him, so I'll use today's post to explain about the project that I'm working on.

Fuerza-T was a knock-off line in South America.  They used some of the original Mattel moulds to make the parts and assembled them differently to form eight new characters.  One of those was Tekno, who had Zodac's head, Trap-Jaw's torso and arms and attachments, a furry loincloth and normal booted legs.

Here's the character put together with Zodak's head (I couldn't get a Zodac), Trap Jaw's body and He-Man's legs.  The leg pegs on Trap Jaw is longer than on He-Man, so I had to chop them off.  It wasn't too difficult. 

Here's the final painted figure.  I wanted to make the eyes gitd, but couldn't find the proper paint.  It was a pain trying to match up the shade of blue on Trap Jaw's body, so I decided to just go with the metallic blue instead.  I left the body unpainted though to give it some contrast.  Despite this being a 100% repaint like Catra, this does look significantly different from the Cosmic Enforcers.  I have no idea where to display him, so he'll probably hang out with the Cosmic Enforcers for a bit... until I get Destructor assembled and painted.


  1. Nice custom, I really hope Fuerza characters get real releases someday. I'll have to try my hand at some customs if not.

  2. He might be cheaper if you make him yourself. The figures to make him (all 3 of them) are still available on mattycollector as I write this.

  3. Awesome! Great work. By the way, Fuerza T was released in Argentina. I should now :)

  4. I thought it was Argentina, but wasn't really sure. I'm so excited about Tekno I'm thinking of recreating all 8 of them. It's a pity that I didn't get any extra Beastmans or Mossmans for this when they were reissued.


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