Thursday, 7 July 2011

#176 of 365 Batman Beyond One good Jokerz deservez another. - Repost

Another repost from Lemonjuice's blog.  Beware, some language is PG13...

Hey all, it’s Novelty here from Toy A Day.  No, Lemonjuice did not die and make me king of his blog and no, I have no idea why I post more often than he does [Quality over quantity. - Lemon J].  He says he’s busy with layouts and whatnot, but I think he’s actually busy being a layabout and busy with his hand on his h***-on, but he’s a guy and a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do to satisfy his itch, if you know what I mean.  And no, I don’t mean booze either, although I could do with some more of the ambrosia that’s comfort in a bottle [Sweet, sweet, liquid sunshine. - Lemon J].

Anyways, I’m here today to talk about another Joker.  Yes, it may seem that I’m amassing this huge collection of Jokers, but that’s far far from the truth.  No, it’s because Kenner and Mattel has this tendency of adding a bazillion Jokers to go along with their multitude of Batman, and less so of the other Batman villains.  Someone should really go and give a big slap to whoever was in charge of the Batman line.  I vote we send Lemonjuice. [My pimp-hand is strong! - Lemon J]

This is the toy I’m opening today.  Yes, it’s another Joker from Batman Beyond.  This one though, is not a Virtual Joker.  Instead he’s a Jokerz with a “Z” at the end of his name.  I wonder what does the Z stand for… zero maybe?  Definitely not Zorro.

I know Lemonjuice likes all things shiny, that’s why he has those furry dice hanging from his boxcar.  Anyways, the box has this nice holographic batman title in front which will really attract people like Lemonjuice to it.  Oooh, shiny!  Yeah, sometimes it’s nice to be Lemonjuice, but I don’t wish that on any of my enemies… well, perhaps maybe Toyguru.  No, I take that back.   I wish I could lock Toyguru for an entire day with Lemonjuice in a small small room.

Ahem… where was I?  The bottle of comfort must be getting to my brain.  Good stuff comes only from the south though [Damn straight! - Lemon J].  The water there is sure sweet… it definitely drenches my thirst.

Jokerz comes with a vehicle of sorts, a pink set of handlebars and a black missile.  Now I’m sure Lemonjuice would love those pink accessories.  After a month of opening DCUCs, this seems to be a lot of accessories in such a small package.  And look a vehicle!  Good luck hoping for a vehicle from Mattel’s DCUC.

The assembly was rather easy.  Even Lemonjuice will be able to do it with ease [You're walkin' on thin ice buddy! - Lemon J].  The vehicle seems to be a hover cycle of sorts, with a huge grinning face painted in the front.  The paintwork is good, but a bit lacking as there’s no paint elsewhere.  However, the designs in the cycle partially makes up for that.

Jokerz himself is rather nicely sculpted and painted.  I like the shape of his face and I think it represents his cartoon version rather well.  The paintwork is not sloppy either, which is good and the mischievousness of the facial expression is brought out with the paint.

Jokerz’s jacket is molded from a rather hard pink plastic.  It looks great in front, but to ensure that he could sit on his cycle thing, the tails of the jacket in the back are molded such that it defies gravity, and looks rather out of place when he’s not sitting on the cycle. [It's like he's ready for a rape party, and he's the "guest of honor"! - Lemon J]

The other thing about the sculpt is his legs.  To ensure that he could sit on the hover cycle, his legs are articulated such that he has a really wide stance.  And by wide I don’t mean the type that Lemonjuice looks for in truck stops.  His legs can never be brought together when he’s standing, and combined with his weird jacket tails, he looks weird standing on his own (which is why Starfire is in that picture, so that he looks less weird – I do have to satisfy Lemonjuice’s carnal desires for “suggestive dramatic pictures”).

In a line of gitd skeletons and a huge head on sticks, I think Jokerz is still rather normal despite the pink jacket, and the wide stance.  He’s going back into the box for me though as he hurts my eyes, especially after I wake up the next day with two empty bottles of comfort.  Oh, and put on some pants Lemonjuice. [You can't tell me what to do, you're not my God! - Lemon J]

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