Saturday, 16 July 2011

#560 of Year 2 DCUC Low and Maash

This is almost a day later than I'd would have liked it, but it's Matty Release day today, so there's all sorts of craziness happening.  Still it's Friday and since this is Green Lantern DCUC Wave 1 week (or 2011's DCUC month)

The card should look very familiar by now, if you're a regular reader.  It has the same design, but customised for Low in this instance.  There's also a Maash version where the character is packaged as Maash, and the bio on the back is Maash.  But I don't have that version.

The blister/bubble does have a starburst sticker that advertises that there are parts to make Maash from the contents.  The front of the cardback has the usual DCUC starburst, but instead of pencils of the characters in the wave, this cardback has pictures of the GLC members.

Low comes with Maash's head and fists, and Arkillo's leg.  I'll start with Maash.  He's just a quick change out of Low's head and fists.  The left fist joint was very tight on my Low so I actually broke Maash's fist from the ball peg when trying to remove it.  That's not a good thing.

Maash's headsculpt is amazing...a nd there's three of it all mashed up together.  The paintwork adds to the creepy look on the head.  The body is the normal Sinestro Corps body and the paintwork on it is a bit shoddy on my copy.   Which is a pity.  The fists for Maash has the yellow ring on his left finger and for a change it doesn't seem too overpainted.

Low is blue, but the only parts of him that are not covered by the Sinestro Corps costume are his head and hands.  He does seem to resemble MotUC Leech, at least the toy version of the character  I like the details oof the sculpt and the paintwork on the head sculpt.  He does look like a scary leech.  The sculpt of the hands tough seems a bit "limp" and the ring seems to have more paint on it than required.  Oh well.

I wish I could display him as two different characters, but I only did buy the one figure.  Given a choice, well, I'm going with Low since I think he stands out more with the blue which clashes mightily with the yellow of the other figures.  Massh does look nice close up, but Low looks good from a distance.

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