Friday, 1 July 2011

#546 of Year 2 Futurama Zapp Brannigan

I think Zapp was in the same Series as Leela; that would be Series 3, and there are only two figures per series anyways.  As I said, I found Leela for cheap online, and that's because she was on sale... together with Zapp.  So I picked up both of them.

Zapp comes on a similar box as Leela and Fry, but it's customised for him, of course.  It's less flashy than Leela's or Fry's and he seems a lot less attractive in that box somehow.

Zapp does come with a whole lot of stuff though, including the arms of the Robot Devil.  There's also Nixon's head and a podium of some sort.  Zapp only has 3 points of articulation - shoulders and neck.  The bent elbows is not articulated and is pre-posed in place.  One good thing about the articulation points are that they are cleverly hidden.  The head sculpt has a Simpson-esque look to it with the big eyes and the wide grin and is well done.

Apparently Zapp doesn't wear pants underneath his tunic.  I think that's cartoon accurate too...

The podium is plain, but it does have a nice looking crest on the front and a cartoony microphone on the top.  Nixon's head is encapsulated in the head jar with his plaque beneath.  I don't think it resembles the real life Nixon, but it probably does resemble the cartoon portrayal of the character instead.  The glass of the jar is even given a blue wash to represent liquid in the jar!

Zapp's basically a glorified piece of plastic.  His poses are limited and he's rather boring as a figure.  I guess he's display bait, and like Leela, he's only good when he's standing up.

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