Saturday, 16 July 2011

Centurions Ace and Jake

I've been shopping for Centurions figures to add to my Centurions display.  Recently I got two more figures.  They aren't in very good condition, but that's OK, as most of the figure will be hidden by the AWS anyways.

Ace does come with his helmet (but the logo on it is very much faded).  Jake doesn't have his helmet though.

Well, the helmetted Ace will go nicely with the rest of Sky Knight.  I'm still missing the piece that goes on his chest (his laser missile and the heat seeker thing is on his back) and will probably have to work hard on ebay to get it.  This is my third Ace figure - the other two are on Orbital Interceptor and Skybolt.

The helmetless Jake is just perfect for Hornet and he does give Hornet a lot more Ooomph than just the AWS without the figure.  This is my second Jake, with the first (also helmetless figure) being paired with Wild Weasel.  My Fireforce is still missing the radar piece, and I don't yet have a Detonator AWS.  I'm also looking for a helmeted version of Jake for Swingshot.

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