Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Centurions Ace

I have been a busy beaver on ebay and I have been trying to pick up a few extra Centurions figures to display my Assault Weapons System.  This one came in the mail the other day...

Now, I never had Ace when I was a kid, although I did play with him quite a bit.  Picking up a spare Ace for under ten bucks was a steal, or so I thought.  He doesn't come with a helmet though, so the only AWS I could display him with is the one with the helmet - Orbital Interceptor!

I'm quite pleased with him though.  I still need a helmet and one more piece of Skyknight to complete Ace, and once that's done, I'll have all of Ace's AWS, with the exception of Stratostrike, which was released in limited quantities and Aero-sault, which was only released in a number of US cities.


  1. Bro, glad you found Ace figure on Ebay. They are my favourite childhood toys. Max is my favourite character in Centurions.

  2. Yup, I like Max best, but it's not easy to find him for cheap on ebay. I didn't even see him in China Square the last time I was there.

  3. Awesome buy for under $10, dude! The ones I've seen at China Square cost at least $50 when complete. And I used to have Ace, Jake, and Max with all their stuff back in the day. Shouldn't have tossed them... :'(

  4. $50 is still a steal though! Perhaps it's time for you to get them again?

  5. Wait... Strato Strike and Aerosault were actually released? More details, please!


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