Monday, 6 June 2011

#521a of Year 2 Lego 7499 City Flexible and Straight Tracks

At the beginning of May, I was lamenting that I had a deficit of straight tracks.  Well, guess what?  I found five sets of them and I picked up three.  Woohoo!

The box is very similar to the curved and points set with images of the contents on the front and a count of the tracks below that.  The back has the 2010 trains in both their boxed form and the huge display, as well as an illustration showing how the tracks in the box can be arranged together in one example.

This is a tracks set though, which means it's an accessory.  Theres is a sheet with the suggested layout on one side and more cross-sell image on the other, a baggie of the flexible tracks and the prize I'm after, the straight tracks!  Yay!  Time to go abuilding!

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