Wednesday, 29 June 2011

#544 of Year 2 Futurama Fry

I never saw the Futurama figures locally, so when I saw them during my trip to the UK, I picked up Fry (and was going to pick up Bender, but got sniped on that figure while I was in the shop!).  Fry is Series 1, and each series in the Futurama line consists of two figures.

The box is rectangular, and has a flap with a hanger.  It doesn't have a bubble out front, but has a cutout window instead which allows the contents to be seen.

The sides have a 60s feel to them with the weird montages of images.  The back has a bio, shows a picture of Fry and the figures from the next two series with a "Collect Them All!" next to them.

Fry comes with a can of anchovies, a can of soft drinks, a laser blaster and an electronic flute.  There's a lot of detail on each of these accessories and the paint is crisp and properly applied.

Fry himself is rather basic but then again, the sculpt has to do justice to the cartoon appearance.  There's quite a bit of articulation on him - twist neck, shoulders, hips and wrists, and bends at the knees and elbows.  The paint work on him is good, with the eyes looking forwards and the jacket not bleedinginto the shirt or the white laces to the black shoes.

Overall, I like the figure.  He can be posed in his usual slouch which is a plus.  And he does look a lot like his cartoon appearance.

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