Saturday, 18 June 2011

#533 of Year 2 Revoltech Toy Story Woody

It's the weekend, and I'm gonna close out Toy Story week with the two Revoltech figures.  Today, I start with Woody, the 60s cowboy toy from the movie, and given the Japanese makeover.

Woody comes in the typical Scifi box, with a huge image on the front and a banner on the bottom that wraps around to the back.  The back shows off his many pieces and some of his features and also includes his bio.

The cover of the box folds open to reveal the contents inside a window.  The inside of the cover flap has scenes from the movies.

And this is revoltech, so Woody comes with quite a lot of pieces.  However, he only has two heads which is not usual for a Revoltech figure.

I was surprised to see that the wind-up walking binoculars, Lenny included as an sccessory.  The figure has no articulation points that I can see, but the sculpt is great and includes all the knobs and dials on the figure to make him movie accurate.

Woody also comes with 5 extra hands, including one that has Buzz's colours, which is weird, a token and a clear orange box, a microphone and of course his hat.  On the back of the tray, in a clear plastic bag taped to the tray is a weird cyan accessory.  I finally figured that the accessory was used to manipulate Woody's eyes, which, surprisingly, is a modified Revoltech ball-joint.  Yes, Woody's eyeballs are articulated!

Woody has the typical Revoltech construction, and stands about 6-inches tall without the hat.  The arms look a bit spindly to me and I wish the legs were also more muscular.  The downside is that he's top heavy, and can't really stand very well - which wouldn't be an issue if he was gonna be used for playing, but displaying him is a pain.

The sculptwork is excellent with all sorts of extras as would be expected.  The paintwork is great, and he's even given a metallic bronze like finish on the belt-buckle, sherrif star and the spurs.

The extra hands that comes with Woody allow him to hold his mike (or is that a torchlight?  I dunno) and to hold Lenny.

This woody is a lot larger than the Lego minifig version of the character, but he barely stands (with some help, of course) up to Jack's shoulders, even with the addition of his cowboy hat.  The sculpt on this figure is awesome.  I just wish he could stand unaided so that I can display him!


  1. I think this Woody looks great...and the eye rotation on him and Buzz is unexpected! I think that's SO cool! :D

  2. Yup. I didn't even count the number of points of articulation on these guys because I know I'll probably miss a few.

  3. lol That's a good thing though! Lots of articulation = good. :)

  4. Unless of course, the figure is top heavy and it just can't stand up on his own, which is the case here.


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