Wednesday, 1 June 2011

#516 of Year 2 Transformers Animated Skywarp

It's the first day of a new month, but I'm just gonna sneak in and continue with Transformers Animated week since I do have a few more figures to open.

This is the Chinese release Skywarp (which I got from my Japanese import store).  The box is the standard American box, but it has a sticker on the back with Chinese text pasted over the American bio.  Otherwise, it's the standard TFA box design with the robot mode animated image on the side next to the vehicle mode display inside the box.

There are two more differences - a holographic sticker on the box, presumably as proof of authenticity (as opposed to a cheap knock-off), and inside the box, duplicates of the instructions, with the second set of instructions in Chinese text instead of English.

Have I mentioned that this is a Starscream repaint?  Well, it's a darker version of Starscream, but otherwise, it function exactly the same as Starscream.  I did write about Starscream way back last year when I opened him, so I'll just make this post about the differences.

The retractable landing gear is still there of course, and this is still pretty tight compared to my well played Starscream.  The cockpit also includes a pilot seat sculpted behind the clear orange windscreen, giving it that extra which seems sorely missing from most of the Transformer toys after this.

I prefer the darker Skywarp paint over Starscream's greyish blue - Skywarp seems more menacing somehow.  Now, if only I had Thundercracker in this scale...

The transformation is as simple as Starscream's.  Duh, this is a repaint.  The figure suffer from the same faults as Starscream including the chicken legs and hips, but it makes up for it by being "slim black" - attention is drawn away from the crotch to the purple on the arms and the silver on the chest instead of the odd red V shape on Starscream.

I think I do like Skywarp better than Starscream and although I hesitated with regards to buying Skywarp in the first place, I am glad I got him.  Now to hunt down the BotCon Stunticons...

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