Tuesday, 31 May 2011

#515 of Year 2 Transformers Animated Snarl

It's the final day of Manufacturers' May, and I'm closing out the month with Transformers Animated Snarl here on Toy a Day.  Snarl, is one of the three Dinobots to appear in the Transformers Animated universe, along with Grimlock and Swoop.

The American packaging makes bold use of red and blue with a healthy dose of white, and there's an image of the robot mode on the front next to the dinosaur mode packaged in the bubble.  The back has the usual stuff - a bio, pictures of both modes, and the other figures in the line.

The front of the cardback has a rather nice skyblue and white Detroit city scene.  Detroit city in the Transformers Animated universe, that is.

Snarl comes with just his club, and is a chunky looking dinosaur, mainly in blue-grey with red and gold highlights.  The paint is minimal as most of the parts are sculpted from the appropriate coloured plastic.

The Triceratops mode does look good and true to cartoon form too.  The jaw and legs and horns are articulated in this mode.

The transformation to roboto mode was a bit tricky for me, but once I've done it once and understood how to do it, it was a piece of cake.  The chunky robot mode is unattractive, but it is true to the cartoon form.  The head seems hidden behind the Triceratops kibble, but it is articulated such that it could swivel.  The hands also have two points of finger articulation on each hand, giving the figure four extra points of articulation.

The figure does have some nice detail, including the flame feature which pops out from his shoulderplates and a nice Autobot logo on the snout/chest.

The figure still seems a bit wide for my taste, particularly when placed next to his teammate Swoop, but other than that, this is a great figure that would be most welcomed in my collection.

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