Monday, 16 May 2011

#500 of Year 2 Robocop Ultra Police Dr. McNamara

Wow, it's toy #500!  Welcome to Kenner week here, which is part of Manufacturers May and since Kenner has gone the way of the Dodo, well, these are some ancient toys.  Ancient being more than 10 year old toys of course.  Now, I'm calling this Kenner week, but really, it's just Robocop week... and I start with... a villian!

Ah, a 90s toy on card.  I got mine whole line for cheap on clearance so all of it does have the store stickers.  The front of the card has the logo up top and a rather nice rendering of the character.  It definitely does give the card a lot of personality.  The bubble is square and simple, but that's not a complaint.  It displays nicely the figure, his two accessories and the two rolls of caps.  Yes, caps!  The back of the card is a lot wordy, but it does show the action feature (based on Robocop's torso instead of McNamara's), the other figures in the line and the vehicles in the line.

Out of the bubble, what you see is what you get.  The radio seems to be a bit oversized, but the machine gun looks nice.  Both are casted from silver plastic and are not painted.  The sculpt for the accessories though are choke a brick with details though, including the dials on the radio.

The figure only has five points of articulation, but that's normal for its time.  It has a hole on his left leg where the machine gun, or the radio could plug into, which is nice.  The sculpt has quite a few nice details, including a dagger on the leg and this is brought out by the paint.

However the paint is sloppy in quite a lot of areas, including the steel-toe boots.  The face sculpt has a good resemblence to the character, but the torso seems rather squarish and robotic.  Perhaps that's how it's meant to be?

The whole line is under 4-inch tall and for its size and time, it's a good figure.  And it's not everyday that I start off with a villian of the line, but hey, I don't have a Robocop unopened!


  1. hey, that's fun- had never seen !

  2. Yup, 80s toys seem to be my speciality...


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