Tuesday, 10 May 2011

#494 of Year 2 DCUC Lex Luthor vs MotUC Skeletor

Yesterday it was Superman vs He-man. Today, thanks to FakeEyes22, I have Lex Luthor vs Skeletor! And since this is shaping up to be a Mattel week, I guess I'm gonna make it a Mattel week, pretty much how last week was Lego week.

The box still have the same mash-up of elements from DCUC and MotUC. There's still that vs sticker in the middle and the comic cover as well. This is a different comic cover though. The back still has the usual images... and again, we see Battle Armor Skeletor on the back instead of the normal Skeletor.

Now, Luthor has a number of things to his left in the bubble.. yes, that's kryptonite. The side of the bubbles has a picture of Luthor and Skeletor on the respective sides.

The front of the cardback has a picture of Snake Mountain... like you've never seen it before. It takes the Filmation version of Snake Mountain and superimposes the face from the toy version on its face. The overall result is a bit comical, but interesting.

The comic included is another DC comic, and it's a reprint with modern colours and without the ads and lettercolumns and the like. It's a good read too, but it's not a minicomic!

There's quite a bit of accessories here with these figures - four of them are the coloured kryptonite pieces for Luthor. Skeletor has a power sword, but it's yellow instead of his usual purple.

Luthor is ... Luthor. I'm not a fan of the power armour. The armour does hinder head articulation and shoulder articulation. Also, the legs on my version seems a bit weird - I can't get him to stand with his feet together.

The paintwork is good though, even with all the intricate details on his groin skirt and armour. He does seem a bit intimidating which is good.

The Skeletor is yet another repaint, with a much brighter purple than the other Skeletors. His face though is completely yellow and seems a bit flat, unlike the shaded greens and yellows of the other Skeletors.

Other than the yellow sword and face, and the brighter purple armour, this Skeletor is no different from the first Skeletor in the line. I do like the brighter purple on him though.

And he's supposed to be comic accurate. I didn't want to like this Skeletor, but he does look good, so I guess I'll have to find a place on the shelf for him.

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