Monday, 23 May 2011

#507 of Year 2 Ben 10 Gwen Anodite

It's the start of Bandai week, featuring Ben 10.  Well, this is Manufacturer's month and after Lego and Kenner, the start of this week brings some Cartoon Network goodness!

This Gwen is from the Alien Force series, and since she's a female character marketed for boys, she'll probably not sell well?  I have no idea.  Perhaps that's why they still have Ben's picture on the title card instead of Gwen's?  And because of that, there's not a picture of Gwen in human form (her more well known form) on the front of the packaging.  The back of the card has the other characters in the line, the omnitrix toy and a whole lot of text.

And there's the preview for the week.  This is actually a toyline that I can actually walk into a store and buy, as opposed to MotUC (online only), Kenner (RIP) or Transformers (way too expensive).  The only other toyline that I can walk into a store and buy (and usually in the same store) is Lego.  There is a trading card hidden behind the figure underneath the bubble.  It's nice and all, but there's nothing spectacular about it.

Gwen comes with an accessory, which in this line is a huge surprise.  It's a crystal ball/mana blast that fits into both hands.  The accessory is sculpted from one piece of transparent pink plastic and is unpainted.  There is some sculpted details, but despite being boring, it's still a great ball of pink plastic.

The figure only has five points of articulation, and seems to be sculpted from six pieces of plastic.  Most of her body is sculpted from dark purple transparent plastic, and the hair from the same pink plastic as the accessory.  The hair is glued onto the head and despite the sculpt, does not get in the way of the neck articulation.  The eyes on the figure are the only two spots of paint on the figure, and these were done well on my copy of the figure.

The reason I got this Gwen is because she looks good.  Stand her next to transparent Big Chill (who's apparently also a female) and they look like a nice pair.  That transparent arms Vilgax though still seems odd...

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