Tuesday, 3 May 2011

#487 of Year 2 Lego City 7939 Cargo Train

The Cargo Train is usually the biggest train set, and it's a good thing that they are only "replaced" every 3 to 4 years or so (unlike say, the Police Station or the Fire Station).  These sets usually cost a whole lot thanks to the electronics inside.  But sometimes they are worth it.

The box is huge and stands almost two feet tall.  The front has the usual blue City border, a nice picture of the model, the number of tracks at the bottom and an orange bar on the right side with all the electronic components.  The back of the box shows which baggies goes to build which models, as well as the action features in the set.

There's quite a lot of baggies in the set, as well as a whole bunchful of tracks.  And yes, straight tracks.  There's also a whole bag of those small connector twisty track pieces, which will be a welcome addition to my layout.

The radio receiver is in a baggie, but most of the other electronics, including the battery box, motor and remote control, are in a sturdy cardboard box.

There are six instruction booklets... count them - six.  They are numbered consecutively and each one has a picture of the part of the model on the cover.

Baggie number 1 contains two figures, as well as the lower half of the locomotive.

Baggie 2 completes the locomotive, which is a nice set.  The canary yellow though is a bit too bright, but the decals (which I decided not to apply) does offset some of that.

Baggie number 3 builds the Octan fuel car.  I like the colours on this vehicle and the ladders on the side.  The use of the large smooth cylinders on their sides (SNOT) is a good design choice.

Baggie number 4 builds the container wagon.  It's red and boring.

Baggie number 5 builds the vehicle transporters and two removable minis.  The minis has doors which actually open - a plus - and is scaled to admit a minifigure.

Baggie number 6 builds the loading crane.  I find it interesting tha this is green instead of the usual yellow.

Baggie number 7 builds the cab of the truck.  It also includes a minifig, who's the driver of the cab.  Naturally.

And the final baggie builds the trailer and the container for the truck.

Overall, there's a lot of things going on here and this set here is great fun on its own.  Of course, I'm actually using this together with the rest of my collection, so it's even more fun.

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