Saturday, 21 May 2011

#505a of Year 2 MASK T-Bob and Scott Trekker

This is probably going to be my busiest month to date as I'm posting almost twice a day (well, counting the reposts). It is Kenner week, so I thought to complete my Big 4 for Kenner, I'll post something MASK, since I've already posted (or reposted) something Centurions, Sky Commanders and Silverhawks this week.

They are not new, he's from my collection when I was a kid, and they seem yellow.  Scott has 5 points or articulation and has a nice face sculpt.  But the face doesn't really resemble the character in the cartoon though.  T-bob looks slightly different than the version in the cartoon which has legs.  Instead, here he has wheels instead of legs and he turns into a trike instead of a monocycle.  The head does have an extra point of articulation so he can look left and right.  The arms do rotate and is extendable, but that doesn't give it a whole range of motion.  But it doesn't really matter as both these characters are vital to the line.

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