Tuesday, 17 May 2011

#501 of Year 2 Robocop Ultra Police Claw Callahan

It's day 2 of Kenner week featuring Robocop and I'm back with a law enforcement officer today... uh, an Ultra Police... after the baddie yesterday.

I do like the individualised card art on the front and the way the bubble displays all the contents clearly.  I think the back shows all the toys in the line and it even has a checklist, which is a good thing.  It's a bit wordy and the pictures are small, but all the space is creatively used on the back of the card.

Yes, the whole line from Kenner has caps.  I didn't want to try out the caps though as I have no idea where I'll be able to get replacements.  You can't just walk down to the gunstore (or toystore) these days and ask for explosives.  That's what I think, personally I haven't tried.

The character comes with the gun, which fires the caps and a red claw missile that is attached to the gun by a piece of string.  The same trigger that is used to fire the caps also fires the red claw missile and because it does double duty, it doesn't really fire when you want it to some of the time.  It's also extremely heavy though, to the point that the figure can't stand on his own with the weapon.

The figure looks nice on first glance.  He has the normal 5 points of articulation and a non-removable helmet/goggles.

His chest is vacmetal.  Yes, this is from the company that brought you Silverhawks.  The head sculpt is good, but the paint there could be better.  They eyes seems a bit odd due to the paint and the fleshtone of the face bleeds into his helmet as well.  There's also some scuffing of the paint on his body and some of it does bleed "outside the lines" where it shouldn't - for example at the top of the boots.  Only the tampographed POLICE logo on his pants (other than the vacmetal) is done with any degree of precision.

Aesthetically he does look good... if one can ignore the paint slash paint job (or maybe it's because it's due to age?).  The weapon is a pain to pose with, but it can do some rather interesting poses if one uses one's imagination.  Sure the articulation isn't what we expect from toys these days, but for a toy of its time, this is still a good solid figure.

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