Sunday, 15 May 2011

#499 of Year 2 Battle Force 5 Chopper

It's the last day of Mattel week.  And just to close out the week, here's another Hotwheels vehicle from the Battle Force 5 series of vehicles, one that they've named Chopper.

The card is similar to Reverb's from yesterday despite the vehicle being smaller.  Nevertheless, the toy and figure are still packaged prominently within the bubble.

I do like the little sticker on the top left of the bubble that shows what the toy can do.  Yes, it's a bit animated, but it's also fun.

Out of the package, there are two missiles, the vehicle and the figure.  The figure itself isn't too fancy - only five points of articulation, but it's very well done sculpt and paint-wise.

The bike mode is OK.  The wheels seem a bit oversized and the missile launchers make it look less a bike and more a futuristic vehicle.  There's limited paintwork on teh vehicle - and I think it could benefit from more paint, and maybe a lot more detail on the bike.

The hovercraft mode is nice - each of the four rotors is connected to the body by a ball joint, so there's a wide variety of movement.  The missile launcher does get in the way of them though.  If only the missile launchers were removable.

In fact, they are - the missile launchers is connected by friction to the underside of the bike but can be removed.  The resulting bike and hovercraft looks so much better!  Now I've gotta get the cartoon series to check if it's any good.

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