Saturday, 7 May 2011

#491a of Year 2 Lego 7996 City Train Rail Crossing

Since I'm working on my train sets, lemme just give this set a very quick shout-out.  This set has only 4 pieces, and costs quite a bit for the 4 pieces.  It had mostly negative reviews from what I seemed to remember.

The box has the usual stuff - pictures, track counts onthe front and the action feature on the back.  The huge picture on the back shows the trains as they were at 2006, so it hails from around that time.

The construction wasn't too difficult - this is after all, lego and with 4 pieces, snapping things on was a breeze.  It builds and integretes into the existing train tracks perfectly.  However, there are design flaws in the tracks, and because of the construction, some of the carriages get derailed while going over these tracks.  Not a good thing in my book.  Still, at the moment, it does offer me four lengths of straight tracks, and I do need it there in the layout, but once I do get sufficient straight tracks, this will be the first section that gets revamped.

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