Monday, 16 May 2011

Sky Commanders - another recent ebay haul

I was feeling a bit nostalgic the other day, so I searched for a few 80s toy lines and I came across these.  I placed a low bid for each of these, and forgot about them because there's no way I'll ever get such good figures for such a low price...

Well, to my surprise, I wond these.  Wow.  The cards are mint and it does give it the MOC look and feel.  It's almost as if I'm buying them new all over again.

The seller did individually wrap each card with bubble wrap.  Double wow.  I'm excited.  I'm holding on to these MOC for a while (because I've gotta put them in the queue and all), but I do like looking at these carded.  Well, don't worry, they'll be opened before the year is out!


  1. That is a line that has intrigued me before. Another great 80's concept that just didn't fair well at retail. If you ever open them I'll be waiting for more pics and a review!

  2. They'll get opened before the year is out. I just would like to enjoy the pristine condition of it MOC for a while.


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