Friday, 20 May 2011

#504 of Year 2 Robocop The Series Stan Parks

Yes I know this is Kenner week featuring Robocop, but I'm out of the Kenner Robocops, so I just have to make do with the Robocop figures from Toy Island.  Up today is a rather sun-bleached card and figure from a line simply titled Robocop The Series, which I'm going to guess is based on the TV series of Robocop.

The card is generic and boring with a Robocop image on the front and the back.  The same Robocop image.  The name of the character is stated on a sticker stuck to the front of the bubble which does hide some of the accessories.  The placement of the sticker on the bubble does show the character though.  The back of the card shows the five figures in the line and four vehicles.  The figure does not have any action features.

Stan comes with a weapons belt, a pistol and a two piece computer thingie.  The belt fits around his waist well, and the pistol can fit in either hand.  However, the pistol can't fit on the belt.  The belt has sculpted into it a whole host of other equipment including a portable radio.  Those are non-removable though.  The figure has more than the 5 points or articulation that is found on the Kenner figures - this has nine, including the hinged knees and elbows.

The sculpt is good and the paint is nice - notice how crisp his tie looks or how well done his face is painted.  The huge computer thing plugs well into its stand and it just sits there and looks pretty.  And it does look pretty with all the sculpted dials and readouts which are also nicely painted.

This figure is still in the same scale as the Ultra Police from Kenner, and truth be told, he fits into that line with nary anything missing.  Props to Toy Island for ensuring that their Robocop figures are compatible with Kenner's (or is it the other way around?)

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