Tuesday, 3 May 2011

#487a of Year 2 Lego City 7896 Straight and Curved Rails

This is another box of just the tracks, and rejoice - half of the tracks are straight ones.  Since this is just tracks, I'm considering it to be an accessory and I'm not counting it towards my one toy a day limit!  And because of that I'm gonna go open three of these babies... booyah!

The box is the usual Lego City box - the front has the usual elements including the track counts.  Now this isn't a US set because the name of the set is not listed on the front - that's one difference between North American sets and sets from the rest of the world.  The back of the box shows the age of this set.  Yes, that's the picture from five years ago, so this set is circa that time.

If the instruction sheet in the box looks familiar, that's because it's the exact same one that was inserted into the switching tracks set.

These are just tracks.  There's nothing special about them... not on their own anyways, but they will add a lot to my layout.

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