Saturday, 28 May 2011

#512 of Year 2 Ben 10 Ultimate Spidermonkey and Vulcanis

It's the weekend, but it's still Bandai week featuring Ben 10 here on Toy a Day.  I don't actually collect Ben 10, but since they are everywhere - toy stores, supermarkets, bookstores, video store, etc., it's pretty difficult not walking by one and picking them up.

This is the new 2-pack from this year.  It's my first Ultimate Alien toy (methinks!) and it contains a couple of figures that I have no fondness for - Ultimate Spidermonkey and Vulcanis.  The card front is a nice "blown up" version of the regular Ultimate Alien card, with an oversized bubble to contain the comic.  The back has pictures of the two figures, as well as an ad for the motorcycle in the line.

There's a sticker on the front of the bubble selling the comic book, and I guess it's more because of this (i.e. my hopes for a minicomic) that I bought this.  The front of the card actually has a rather nifty design with circles that could be biological cells or planets - you decide which.

The comic though, was a disappointment.  It was mainly a six-page fight scene with nary a story.  It does have a good poster on the back of the toys in the line, which is a plus in my book.

The toys inside - well, this is Ben 10 so there's no accessories.  It's just two figures.

Spidermonkey is a conehead ape with huge appendages growing out of his sides.  OK, they are supposed to be spiders legs, but they look anything but like spiders legs.  The figure has eight points of articulation - for all 8 limbs, although the spider legs are actually one piece of plastic threadded through the ape, so there's only 6 independent points of articulation.  The paintwork is good, but the face conehead face sculpt is a bit odd.  I have issues with the size as well - this spidermonkey is smaller than the normal Ben 10 figures.

Vulcanis has 5 points of articulations, which means that without any elbow joints, he has a preposed drill arm.  The head is not removable (unlike in the cartoon), which is a disappointment.  The paintwork is good, and the preposed sculpt looks great, although it doesn't lend well to play.  And like Ultimate Spidermonkey, he's slightly shorter than the regular figures, which seems out of scale with his cartoon portrayal.

OK, so these two figures had me underwhelmed.  I'm not sure that it was a wise chose to get them in the first place for the comic...

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