Sunday, 29 May 2011

#513 of Year 2 Ben 10 Ultimate Humungousaurs and Aggregor

It's the final day of Bandai week, and it's the final day for me to open a Ben 10 toy this month.  This is also my last unopened Ben 10 toy... and I suspect that won't last long.  I'll probably give in to the dark side and get more of them the next time I see them on sale or something.

The front of the card is similar to the one from yesterday, with the exception of the title card and the contents.
The back of the card still features the figures as well as the Rustbucket 3.

I like the Rustbucket 3.  I've been walking past it time and time again.  I've picked it up, looked at it like a starving man, and put it back on the shelf again.  I can't bring myself to shell out the money to get all three parts of the jet.  Yes, it's sold in 3 parts for a whole lot of money.

The comic is a different one, and again, it's another huge 6-page fight scene without a story.  The artwork is good, but I wish there was a story to go along with it.

I was surprised to see that there were two accessories in the package - a halberd thing and what seems to be a shield.  That's not usual for Ben 10, but highly appreciated.

Aggregor is made from shiney plastic.  He has six points or articulation, and a preposed stance because of that.  The flare of the coat behind his ass is a nice sculpting detail.  His face sculpt seems bland and boring though.  The halberd fits well in his hand and is made from a rubber plastic, since this is a children's toy.  The figure is rather good, but I don't dig the stance.

The shield for Ultimate Humungousaurs is actually his back.  Once it's clipped on, it's a bit difficult to remove.

Ultimate Humongosaurs only has 4 points of articulation - neck, shoulders and waist.  That's horribly limiting.  I hoped he would have at least had articulation for the tail, but that's not so.  His hands are also sculpted such that he's always swing for a punch.  His neck articulation is also weird.  Because of the sculpt, he can only rotate his head, and can't turn his head from side to side.  Another fail.  A third fail would be that he's tiny.  This is the Ultimate Humungosaurs and he barely reaches up to Fourarms' chest?  Urgh.

I really do regert gettin this two pack.  The only salvation was the Aggregor and even that isn't perfect.  Well, I hate to end the week on a bum note, but that's how the cookie crumbles.  Next week is Hasbro/Takara week?  Maybe.  Happy Memorial day everyone.

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