Monday, 9 May 2011

He-Man meets Ram Man! - my ebay haul

I was trolling ebay about a month back when a minicomic caught my eye... so I picked it up and decided to buy a few other things from the same buyer as well.  And it arrived in perfect condition.

So I bought the gitd Pretender just for the fun of it.  It's gitd after all and it was going for cheap. The main purchase was the minicomic, which was also going for cheap.

When I was reading through the comic, to my surprise I found that one of the pages has this sticker on it.  Thankfully, the sticker isn't too sticky (since it has a whole bunch of dust and dirt and hair on the sticky side) and I was able to safely remove it.  It is a sticker from Grayskull though, which is cool.

And the comic, well, it brings me one more mini-comic to completing my minicomic collection.  The only comics I'm still missing are:
The Cosmic Key
Energy Zoids
The Flying Fists of Power!
The Magic Stealer!
The Obelisk
Snake Attack!
The Ultimate Battleground!
I also have a wants list to complete my vintage collection.

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