Thursday, 12 May 2011

#496 of Year 2 Ghostbusters Egon Spengler

Blogger going down was a pain, which meant that these entries weren't published on their correct dates... but wait, I could backdate these so that they appear correctly.  After 3 days of MotUC and DCUC, I thought I'd go on and open a Ghostbuster figure today and attempt to make this a Mattel week (after the Lego week last week).  It's Egon today.

Egon comes on the standard Ghostbuster card, and I think the card is way too dark .  Sure there're ghosts on the front and Stay-puff showing through the bubble, but it's just way too dark for me.  The back of the card seems a lot more X-files-ish than Ghostbuster, and the lack of the other figures in the line on the card back makes this feel less of a toy and more of a... statue?

It does come in the white mailer box, which protects the card and all, but I wonder if there are any MOC collectors out there for this line.  The back does have a picture of Egon from the movie and a rather long winded bio, but Egon's story has already been told through the movies, so there really isn't a need to provide such a long winded bio on the back.

I still like the front of the cardback, with the huge Stay Puff being zapped by the proton beams.  The fact that Mattel packs the contents to allow Stay Puff to show through the bubble is a nice touch.  There's also a small flyer for a Ghostbuster 25th anniversary Blue ray in the bubble, and that might be one of the few adverts that the 25th anniversary is getting.

Egon comes with a PKE meter and a stack of books.  Egon himself has an attached backpack and gun, although no proton beam.  Hmm...

The stack of books is a solid lump of plastic, but it has been painted to detail the individual books.  The paintwork is rather well done and the books seems to be individual copies stacked one on top of the other.  The PKE meter is mostly black, but it does have some painted details.  The sculpt isn't too fantastic though, which is a pity.

Egon himself uses the same body that Ray does.  The only differences is that his name tag on the chest says Spengler instead of Stanz.  Oh and the new head of course.  The head seems rather detailed, but the black-rimmed glasses seems a bit too thick to the point where it appears to be goggle-like.

I like the extra details on the Mattel version of the figure.  The articulation points are nice too, yet somehow after playing with Egon for a while, I decided that I prefer my old Kenner gitd version of the character with the removable backpack and the crazy sphagetti proton stream.  Call me crazy.

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