Thursday, 28 January 2010

#27 of 365 Ray Stanz

We are close to the home stretch now. January is almost over, gitd will be making way for femme soon, but before we do, here's some of the last few gitd toys for the month.

Yay, Ghostbuster Ray, with the gitd logo ghost. Remember way back (well, OK, not way back but earlier this month) when I showed this photo?

Teaser for gitd January!

I would have thought that there'd be people screaming out Ghostbuster from the Mattel logo (well, it's from Matty, and most of the people here I know are getting its sister line from matty, so...), but sadly I was mistaken. I guess people just aren't into contributing on a facebook as on a forum page, where hordes (hahaha, get it hordes?) of people that I don't know post comments that I don't really care about. Oh well.

Anyways, back to Ray, this is my first of the new Ghostbuster figures (because he's the one with the gitd accessory) and I must say I'm impressed with the packaging. I wish I had got a 2nd fig just for MOC and was really tempted not to open him. But alas, it's gitd January after all.

I like that logo on the top, reminiscent of the MotU logos, yet positioned in such a way so as to be different. The other details on the packaging, including the bio has a nice X-files feel to it. Another good touch are the cut out ghosts above the title card and the 3D effect that the bubble gives to them.

I wish I could be gushing about the toy as I did the packaging. Don't get me wrong, the toy is great, but perhaps it's because of the subject matter, or perhaps it's because it's based on a real human (as opposed to a sci-fi/mystical person), it didn't blow me away.

There's 2 parts to Ray, Ray himself and the logo ghost.

I'll readily admit it that I got Ray only because of the gitd ghost, and not the other way around. I really do like the ghost, and the way it breaks apart so that the red bit can be removed and the ghost reassembled. The clear stand is another nice touch, and seems to be a larger version of the Tri-klops stand, albeit in clear plastic. I can forsee some good stuff with this ghost.

The figure itself is also good. The likeness is perfect. The detailing on the figures is also exceptional and I like the paint work on the backpack. What I don't seem to like is that the backpack is not removable and that the hands are configured to hold the gun, but looks weird without the gun. Oh well.

Here he is on the shelf with the rest of gitd January. More pictures on my facebook Photo album as usual.

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