Friday, 29 January 2010

#28 of 365 Terminator 2 Endoglow Terminator

Yes I know I'm a day behind, but such is the way the cookie crumbles. Mmm... cookie...

It's not everyday that we get an action figure of the governor of a US state, but this time around I've got more than a couple of the same guy:

Yes, Terminator 2! I've got 6 figs and much as I loathe to split them up, I'll have to. The other 5 will probably get opened during March (apologies to Articulate Discussions, from which I stole the format), which is about 4 weeks away from today. Until then, Endoglow Terminator will have to keep company with the rest of gitd January.

The card is actually rather well done, and the bubble is in the vintage 80s style, which means the entire figure, including its feet is visible.

Opening it is a breeze. There's 3 pieces here to this figure, a missile launcher, a missile and the figure.

Nothing special about the missile launcher. Let's move on to the figure.

The figure is moulded in gitd plastic mostly, and has slightly more than the usual articulation points for that era. What I really liked are the two rubbery hoses between the torso and the pelvis which bends when he's twisted or bent. That's a nice little detail.

He's keeping Blight and Duke Nukem company for the moment. As usual, more pictures in the facebook album.

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