Wednesday, 13 January 2010

#0 of 365 Masters of the Universe Mutant Slime Pit Monster.

I'm not going to consider this fig as part of the 365. Why? Because the box has been opened previously for me to get the Slime pit out. All that's left is the monster which was still tied onto the box packaging.

Since I had some time today (and the fact that I wanted to do a teaser - more on that below), I thought I'd just open this "half" of a figure for those who has been keeping an eye out here for the toys that I'm opening.

Wow, 7 pieces! I was surprised when I opened it that the figure sprung opened and red bits flew everywhere.


That's cool. Mix those in with the slime included and it'd be gross. Well, too bad they had Harry Potter slime instead of real Slime Pit slime. Oh well.

The figure has lots of details, including a "lock" and a pubic bone piece that can be hit to cause the monster to fly apart.

So what's up for gitd January? Here's a teaser photo (done with MS Paint, since I don't have Photosop on this computer)

Teaser for gitd January!

Would anyone like to guess what 5 figures have been censored? Nick is disqualified of course, since he probably knows all 5 figures :)

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