Wednesday, 20 January 2010

#20 of 365 Lego 8708 Cave Crusher

I need to add more Lego fans to my facebook profile. This is only the 3rd set so far this year. I thought there would have been more, but it takes time building up the huge sets (which are mostly what I have left unopened) so it's trickling out slower than what I'd expect.

Anyways, this was I set that I actually bought outside of Erehwon, hence the crazy numbers on the price tag. The funny story was that the store that I bought it in had a loyalty card program (with a minimal discount if the card was used), but being a foreigner, I did not have the card. The lady before me did though and her eyes were as big as saucers as I allowed her to put her loyalty card through on my purchase as well. So I guess it was a win win situation - I got the discount, she got the points that go along with such a supposedly huge purchase.

There ar eactually 3 baggies inside the box, the instructions and some lose bits. I initially thought that the sticker sheet was not included with the set which really made me sad, but after shaking the instructions around a bit, the sticker sheet dropped out. Yay!

The set had 2 figures and the huge rock monster:

For such a huge set, the build was surprisingly easy and quick. This was a surprise for me because the other Power Miner sets of a similar size took forever to build thanks to the moving "action feature". More pictures, of course, in the dedicated Facebook album.

The only movable feature in this set is that the huge buzzsaws at the front of the vehicle actually rotate when the vehicle is pushed forward. There are a few other bits as well, including the launcher on the middle segment of the vehicle and the detachable platform at the rear.

I guess this set gives great fun value, what with the rock throwing monster and the bits and bobs on the vehicle itself and the tons of accessory. The design is interesting, and like most recent sets avoids having too much SNOT (that's stud not on top)

What's this doing in gitd January? Well, one thing that's not advertised is that the entire Power Miners series comes with stickers that glow in the dark. Yes, the white bits in the picture above actually glows in the dark! Which was why I was a little upset when I thought that the stickers were not included in this particular set.

And that's #20! Tomorrow I'd be opening a figure with a gitd hammer, and after that, who knows? I do have more gitd Lego to go this month, and I'll probably do those this weekend. So keep an eye out over the weekend if you're into gitd Lego.

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