Monday, 4 January 2010

200x nostalgia

Just for a lark, I decided to unpack all my opened 200x stuff. Now, that isn't a lot. Basically one of the two Battle Bones, both Castle Grayskulls (2 different versions) and about a score of characters. Thanks to Kyrone (wherever you are, thanks!), those figs are the ones with the chip, so I spent more than an hour sorting out the pile of weapons and then activating the sound effects on Castle Grayskull by placing the foot just about so on the spots indicated. It was fun.

I was hoping for more memories with these figures, after all these were the figs that I was looking forward to then when Mattel announced the new cartoon and the revitalisation of the line... after more than 15 years. However, tonight, I got close to nothing with most of the figures - they were just so blegh. The heads were way too small and the figures mostly seemed hunchback and there was so much not going for it. No wonder the toys tanked at the stores and got dumped.

Another sad thing is that out of 21 figs, 5 of them were He-Man and 3 of them were Skeletor. Almost half of the figs were either He-Man or Skeletor. That's not a good thing. My favourites in the lot? Tri-Klops jewelled eyes, Stratos' jetpack, Mekaneck's see through eyes and the designs of Sy-Klone and Ram Man. I was even playing with Sy-Klones chest image thing earlier changing it from one image to another and thought that was rather nicely done. Notice that neither He-Man or Skeletor are in the list.

Sadly, these are things of the past. I'm going to pack them away again tonight before bed. The vintage stuff will always be memorable and they have so much memories packed into them - each one of my vintage figs has a story to tell. The Classics currently sit on a shelf displayed for all to see - they are posable and display friendly. The 200x stuff seems to be an embarassment - not posable, not displayable, too anatomically incorrect. Unloved. Unliked. Once upon a time, they were thing figs that I wanted. How times change.

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