Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Glow in the dark (gitd) January

Well, I've already opened today's toy a couple of days ago, so I've got to wait till tomorrow to open the next one. However, I'd still like to blog about gitd January, so...

This has been on my display shelf for a while:

What are these? Are these toys? Surprisingly the answer is yes. As to what these are, here's a clue

I'm not sure if it can be read on the photo, but it actually says Matchbox on the back of each of the ghosts. Yes, Matchbox! But wait, where are the little cars? Matchbox is a whole line of little cars, not glow in the dark ghosts! Well, the cars are...

inside the ghosts! Surprise! Tada! The ghost shell can be put back together again once the cars have been removed. The reason I have 3 of these is that these were sold as 3 packs.

Gitd fun for this month.

I took a picture of my Horde boxes and cards earlier...

My Horde boxes and cards

What's after gitd January?

Well, I've got to get the themes based on the stuff I actually have (so no, Petteri, no WWFebruary) and these are my tentative themes up till August:

Femme February - featuring female figures (of course, there'll be some male figures as well)
Mecha.nic.al March - Mecha, Vehicles, Bionic stuff, all in the month of March.
Anniversary April - it's She-Ra's 25th anniversary of course - this month will mainly be for MotU related stuff, interspersed with one or two other things
MotU Maydness - I probably have enough 200x stuff to last me 2 months!
Justified June - The Justice League has a whole lot of toys including DCUCs, JLUs and a few other odds and ends including some building bricks stuff!
Jambalaya July - No theme for this month, just random stuff
Animated August - Action figures from animated series, with a few other stuff thrown in

That's all I have so far. By September, all I'd be left with unopened will probably be Lego... we shall see :)

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