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About this site 2010.

Here's the deal. I'm not a MOC collector - I open all my toys. However, over the past 8 - 9 years I've been collecting toys with the intention to open them, but for one reason or another (mainly due to the lack of time), I've never opened these toys. Well, all that's about to change. For 2010, I'm opening a Toy for each day of 2010, aka Toy a Day (TaD).

To amuse myself, I'm doing theme months, where each month, I'll open toys based on a particular theme. Due to my desire for opening entire lines together, sometimes some figures will "piggyback" onto a theme figure from the same line. Also, because the only action figure toyline I'm currently collecting is the one-a-month MotUCs, these will sometimes break the theme of the month, although where possible, the theme has been chosen to reflect the figure for that month, i.e. Adora for Femme Fatale February, Trap Jaw for March.

January was gitd (and if you don't know that word yet, it's glow in the dark) January, where I opened stuff as diverse as Supernaturals to Tron.

Febuary, was Femme Fatale February, where I opened toys with females in it.

March was March, a month dedicated to machines and Mecha and Androids.

April heralds PoP anniversary April, which despite its name, will focus on Millennium (aka 200x) MotU figures.

May continues the MotU theme with MotU May and continues to focus on the Millennium figures as well as a couple of oddballs here and there from the other MotU lines.

June showcased the DCUC figures in Justice League June, while July was a partial continuation of  with a hodgepodge of other stuff as Jambalaya July.

The theme for August was toys with links to an animation feature, hence Animated August, and this theme continued into September for toys with links to both an animation feature and a movie in Super Screened September.

The current plan is to have Monster October for monster related (animated) toys and Nostalgia November.

Prior to the 3rd of April, everything was posted on Facebook Notes. They are still there (go befriend me on Facebook and you'll get access to those notes). There are also photo albums on Facebook for each entry which will have more photos about the toy that I just opened (but again, you will have to befriend me to see those).

I've also branched out and am currently guest blogging on a number of other sites as part of the Blog Mash Bash.  Some of the Toy A Day reviews could also be read at the following sites:

Killer B Hive
Poe Ghostal Points of Articulations

Thanks for taking the time to visit this blog - everything is duplicated on Facebook as well, so you can follow this there as well.

Vintage vs Millennium vs Classics

This site uses the folloing terms for Vintage/Millennium/Classics with respect to He-man and the Masters of the Universe.

Vintage refers to the MotU figures released in the 80s. This encompass the MotU figures, the PoP dolls and the NA figures, as well as the MotU Commemoratives.

And just in case you do need a decoder:
MotU = Masters of the Universe. Note that during this era, the MotU were split into the Heroic Warriors, the Evil Warriors, the Evil Horde and the Snakemen.
PoP = Princess of Power
NA = New Adventures (of He-Man)

Millennium refers to the MotU figures released around the middle of the new millennium.  They are more commonly known as 200x figures.  I feel that using 200x to refer to the millennium line is a huge misnomer, as the Classics were also released in 2008, and thus is a 200x year.  I've adopted Poe's classification of using the term millennium instead.  Now, during this period, there were no Heroic Warriors - these were upgraded to be the "Masters".  The Evil Warriors, Evil Horde and Snakemen still stayed the same.

Classics is the new Adult collector line launched in 2008 and available on  This is the first line to be marketed as MotU Classics (MotUC).  There are a lot more factions here - the Masters, the Evil Warriors, the Evil Horde, the Princess of Power and the Space Mutants have all been named as of the beginning of 2010.

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