Friday, 8 January 2010

#2 of 365 - Spiderman 3 - Midnight Stealth Costume Spiderman

Boxes take up too much space, hence the reason that I'm opening these figures. Well, one of the reasons anyways. The other reason of course is that toys are meant to be played with, not kept in their plastic prisons. If Toy Story 2 is anything to go by, that would just make the toys anti-social and grumpy.

I still haven't got to the NECA stactions yet. Not today, as I had limited time to open the toy, play with it, take photos and then write up this note, so I though I'd do something a little simpler.

I'm not a huge fan of Spiderman in general, but when I saw that this one had a glow in the dark web, well, I just couldn't resist it since the web seems to be the real deal (unlike say, Zodak's barely gitd tattoos, which were a disappointment). So I picked up this web (the spiderman is extraneous) and for a few months, it was just displayed in its box, next to my carded NA skeletor and carded Captain Planet Duke Nukem.

Well, it's no longer displayed next to those figures anymore since it's figure #2 for 2010. Some photos!

The good thing about Hasbro stuff:

1. The box insets are complicated but gorgeous:

2. No rubber bands!!! Opening was a breeze

3. There's even a catalogue of all the products available!!!

Now, there was only 2 pieces in the package, the web and the figure. There were no instructions, but then again, this is a toy, not rocket science and I guess no instructions were required (unlike Transformers, for example). The back of the box had the features highlighted in boxes (pretty much like vintage MotU stuff) which was good - I actually miss that on most toys these days.

When I first opened it up, I thought that the figure had a fixed pose. On closer examination though, I discovered I was wrong. There's a lot more articulation points on the figure than I expected for its size. I'm not sure I like the elbow joints and I think it's missing wrist joints, but it's good for its size. Again, I didn't buy the toy for the figure!

I bought the toy for the web, and it does glow in the dark. What's good about it is that it's made of really soft rubbery plastic with wires running through in a cross pattern. I was hopinig that the web would stick to glass or something, but that's not the case, still, thanks to the elasticity and the wires, the web can be deformed a bit. The good thing about it? It can be deformed to hang off a shelf!

So that's toy #2 of 365. What will tomorrow bring? I've already prepared the 7 figures to be opened tomorrow to bring me up to date for this year. Which 7 figures will those be? Well, watch this space tomorrow for the big bang of all 7 toys on one note!

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