Wednesday, 13 January 2010

#14 of 365 Batman Mission Masters 4 - Battle Staff Batman

Well, I hate splitting apart figures from the same line, so where possible this year, when opening figures I'll try to keep all the figures from the same line together. I guess I may lump them all together like the Supernaturals, or give each "toy" a separate entry like I have done with the Mission Masters, as I see fit.

This batman is the last of my Mission Masters 4, and a variant Batman at that. He does glow in the dark though, as will most of the toys during this month's gitd January, part of the a toy a day in 2010 thing I'm doing all throughout this year.

The packaging is nothing to write home about. The same glowing bat background that was used in the box is used as the background on the front of the card, but it doesn't look as nice. The bio is on the back (close up in the photo album here on facebook).

Again, there are quite a large number of pieces that goes with this figure, including a large wheeled base!

The figure fits into the pegs on the base, so there is no issue with it standing. The cape is attached to two pegs on the shoulders and is made of rigid plastic so that it doesn't droop. Which means that without the base, Batman will fall backwards thanks to the cape.

I like the attachment at the back which ensures that Batman stands upright. What I find disappointing is that there is no wrist articulation, which means that the staff can only be held in one position.

This is easily my least favourite Mission Masters 4 figure of the lot, despite its size.

And there's all 4 figs on the shelf next to the rest of gitd January.

As a side note, this figure is for tomorrow, the 14th of January, but since I'm not opening a figure a day, but a toy for every day of the year, I guess I have the luxury of either saving up and opening a huge bunch of them together (ala Supernaturals), or even opening a toy in advance as I've done here.

On Friday, to celebrate the release of MotUC Adora, I'll be opening a PoP figure as part of gitd January...


  1. I want that two pack so bad! The bola/night fury Robins are my favorite. Also, have you seen the blue variety of Mr. Freeze?

  2. Yes, I've seen the blue version, and I'm not really interested. I like this version better!


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