Thursday, 7 January 2010

#1 of 365 - Lego Space Police 3 5973 - Hyperspeed Pursuit

All those advent calendars leading up to the holiday of choice (there was a nice one that ended on New Year's day done by Emily Lakdawalla) probably started this desire to do something similar. But I'm not opening one toy a day literally. Noooooo, I'm opening one new toy for each day of the year. There's a slight difference there. It's the 7th of January as I'm writing this, which means I could open up to 7 new toys today. I'm not going to open 7, because I want to take photos to show here (and yes, I'm using this almost like a blog).

Now, the first of anything is always monumental, and I wanted it to be something special. I know I've got all my NECA stactions ready to be opened, but they weren't that special to me, so I was hunting down for the perfect toy to be the first toy I open in 2010.

Well, I ended up with this set:

Why this one? Other than the fact that I still had it in its box? The thing is, Police Lego, particularly Space Police has always had a special place in my heart. This set though, was voted by myself and Biggy (Branko Dijkstra) on as the best set of its theme, eventhough I have not opened it yet. I decided to open it also partially to see if it would live up to its billing.

That's a picture of the opening, 4 baggies, 2 booklets, a sticker sheet and 2 pieces not in baggies.

And I'm not the type that opens something and then just set it aside, especially Lego. The next 2 hours was spent building the set. I'll let the pictures do the talking (and more can be seen on the special album).

Does the set live up to it's best of theme billing? I'm not sure, I would have to open up the other sets in the theme to compare :) The set is nice though, two vehicles of equal size in one box to increase the play value. The design of the vehicles is interesting, especially the clever use of the red highlights on the squidman's vehicle. I didn't like the green highlights on the space police vehicle, or the plentiful stickers, but those are minor inconvienences.

And that's toy #1 in 2010. Will a NECA staction be next? Who knows? :)

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