Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Unpacking memories

[Note: I'm going to start using these Notes as my blog]

Today was a weird day - I was so desperately trying to locate all my NECA stactions located and in one place so that I could take a picture or ten of them before I open them all up as part of my 2010 a toy a day calendar. I knew I won't be able to sleep tonight if I don't get everything in one place for at least one photo today.

And so many times I thought I almost had them... until I realised that the box I had were something else. First they were just MotUC stuff - the early figs without the mailer boxes. That was a disappointment. Then I found King Randor, but not the rest of Wave 1. Grrr...

It took me a while, but I finally located a box with 4 figures! That's it! Stinkor and all of the first series. Until I actually pulled them out. There was Stinkor all right, but no, that's not Hordak, wait... Webstor ??!? Webstor? Leech??? and Snake Face! You mean I have Series 4? Really! Wow! I never knew that. See, that's why I need to open all these figs and play with them. I don't even know what I bought in the past few years!

I finally found another two big boxes with the 200x figures... could it be? That looks like Hordak! Yes! Hordak and Clawful and good ol' Snout Sprout! That's it, Series 1. And I present you the photo below.

All the NECA stuff!

In the process, I also located my NA carded stuff. Note, the glue on these cards weren't that great and with a bit of jiggling, I removed the minicomics when I first got these figs.

My carded NA stuff. Note, the glue was really non-existant near the bottom, so I just slipped all the mini-comics out.

And I'm also quite happy that I located my Mantisaur and Monstroid. I spun Monstroid up and it made me smile. This is a picture of the happy family (aka my vintage Horde collection, minus my original Modulok!)

Finally, most of my vintage Evil Horde stuff is out. All that's missing is my original Modulok. Yes, I have 2 Moduloks!

You can even see some of my boardgames in the background. I'm still deciding if I should consider boardgames toys or not. Well, if they are toys, then they are fair game for my a toy a day in 2010 calendar thing. Here's a close-up

Oh look, my board game collection... well, a partial collection anyways...

The Colosseum (which I got for free from Days of Wonder) and Small World are both still in their shrink wrap. What do you guys think? Should I count the boardgames as toys?

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