Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Opening a toy a day

Well, it's the new year. 365 days. Wouldn't it be nice if I could open a new toy a day? Yes, I know it's already the 5th, so that means I'm 5 days behind. I'm not planning to actually open a toy a day, every day. It's more something along the lines of let's open a toy for every day of this year. So I guess I get to open 5 toys by today. 6 by tomorrow. And I haven't begin opening yet.

I'm like-whoring to gauge if there's any interest in a vid of me opening She-Ra. So far, 3 people have liked it. I'm also collecting together my MOC stuff for a final photograph before I tear into them. That might take a while. But I can show this:

I donn't have Series 4. I still have to locate Series 1 and the missing fig from Series 2 and King Randor to complete the group shot before I start opening these babies. I'm not going to take a vid of every opening, just photos, unless there are special requests for me to do vids (but beware, I may not oblige).

Do I have 365 toys to open this year? I have no idea. It'd be interesting to find out. Somehow though, I do think I do have that much, if not more, thanks to 3 years of buying stuff and storing them up until now to open them. And I'm going to do it slowly, one for each day this year...

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