Sunday, 10 January 2010

#3 - #9 of 365 Supernatural Ghostlings - Hooter, Mr. Lucky, Spooks, See Thru, Vampa, Weird Wolf, Rags

The advantage of not doing one a day is that if I have a whole collection of stuff that I want to open at one go, I can just save up the requisite number of days and open them all up at once. I have a whole weeks worth of Supernaturals that were just sitting there taking up space, and I really wanted to clear out the space, so I decided that they should be opened next.

Supernaturals were Tonka's answer to Hasbro's Visionaries, and that was before Hasbro bought Tonka (which happened a few years later). Both lines had holograms as the in thing. However, the Visionaries had a cartoon series (all 13 episodes) and a comic book series, while the Supernaturals had to make do with a comic miniseries. Conversely, the Supernaturals are lesser known.

The Ghostlings actually came before their Visionaries counterparts, the Sun Imps. The Sun Imps were never produced though. I have no idea what the story is with the Ghostlings, but the nice thing about Supernaturals is that every figure not only had the hologram, but also glowed in the dark. Yippee!

The cardbacks were the same for all 7 that I have.

Each Ghostling is carded, and the back of the card is the same for all 7 figures that I have. Each of the Ghostling also has a sword, and there are only two types of swords, the Heroic Ghostling sword and the Evil Ghostling sword. Each figure also came with a 4-page leaflet:

And here are the photos from the opening - note there are only 2 points of articulation on these figures, and those 2 are at the shoulders. Each of the figures can be broken apart into two, the outer coat and the arms, and the inner hologram. Ther are two types of moulds for the coats, with the Evil Ghostlings getting a serrated lower edge on the coats. The holograms are a bit difficult to photograph but they do change from one thing to another (check the card back).


Mr. Lucky


See Thru



Weird Wolf

Some group shots

The Heroic ghostlings

The evil ghostlings

All 7 ghostlings

On display!

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