Thursday, 21 January 2010

Knights of the Magical Light

I've been having fun unpacking boxes, and repacking some of them almost immediately. A lot of my stuff will have to go into storage soon, and I need to make space for other things. I had fun going through:




Captain Power

Joker -The Pogo stick is actually a reused Ghostbuster accessory

Air Vectors

Bootleg SW stuffBootleg Star Wars

(More pictures in the respective photo albums)

The WildCATs and StarCom stuff brought back lots of memories, so did Steelwill and the SW Droid. Last night, while fighting with the notebook (it finally died :( ), I pull open this box and it it was this box:

Yay, the Lancer Cycle, my only Visionary toy as a kid. I know I got a couple more figures in a mixed lot a few years back, but could never remembered what I got. I opened the box, and a few figures fell out. Wait, is that...?


Yup, it's Leoric. Wow, I have the only good guy Visionary with facial hair. All the bad guys had facial hair though, but Leoric is the only good guy with the 'tache. He's missing the weapon though.

Other figs:


Arzon, Darkstorm and Mordredd. Wow, I don't remember that I have these. Never had them as a kid, so not much memories there.

And then of course, there's this:

The cycle and Ectar. The hologram on the cycle is a bit faded, which is a pity, but it's still rolls fine. Ectar is a bit yellowed from the long years I've had him, but as my only visionary figure as a kid, well, he's got a lot of play.

I also realised that these figures are based off the GIJoe buck, but probably a bit larger, and is a lot more playable than Tonka's Supernaturals. It's no surprise that they were more popular then. So what should I do with these? Back in the box, or should I find shelf space to display them? And if it's the later, who should I get rid of to make space? Supernaturals? Feel free to comment!

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