Wednesday, 20 January 2010

It's a Small World after all

Disney has the Small World ride in all its them parks. This isn't about those.

I was surprised today to get a call to head to the post office to pick up a package. I don't recall ordering anything recently so, it was a surprise. Anyways, I got to the post office and got this:

It was an enigma until I saw the sender address. Ah, Boardgamegeek, and yes, I did order stuff from them, was it two months ago in November? eek! Well, being at the GPO, I had to open the package to show to customs that it was just random board game stuff:

Apparently I ordered the 3 BGG exclusives, Leaders of the Small World, and two different packs of Dominion cards (and I don't even have Dominion the game!)

There's not much in the pack, just a strip of tokens, a multilingual booklet all shrink-wrapped.

And then after I opened that I had to open the main game... well, the photos are in the Facebook album. Note, I took all the photos with my 3megapixel camera instead of my camera phone and I think the flash really messes up the image :( Blegh.

I guess this means I'm not counting boardgames and their expansions in the a toy a day in 2010 program!

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